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Renew Instructor Credentials

To  renew your AHA Instructor  certifications please start by reading this  document that describes the process.

Required Forms:
   -  Instructor/TCF Renewal Checklist
   -  AHA Monitoring Tool

Once you have completed all steps, click here to submit your renewal packet.

We process all  instructor  alignment and renewal applications at the end of the month. Please keep this in mind and submit your forms properly filled out and with all attached documentation completed with enough lead time. We suggest 2-3 months before your status expiration date.

Any questions please contact Amber Brandt

Instructor  Monitoring?

Instructor monitoring by a TCF is required of all instructors prior to renewing their  instructor  certifications.

 This may be accomplished  by coming in to be observed teaching at BMC or having a CTC Training Center Faculty Member come to  your  class (There is a charge for  this service)